Shortens sales cycle and compresses Engineering time.

  • By leveraging the use of comprehensive knowledge-bases, databases, and analytical tools further upstream during sales engineering process.
  • Real time customer input during the preliminary design process and effective incorporation of customer response by analyzing 'what-if' scenarios.
  • By eliminating time consuming proposal process for custom engineered products e.g. from several weeks to several days, even several hours.
  • Improves Product Quality

Knowledge of multiple 'Domain Experts' helps to achieve the best/ highly optimized /cost effective solution (Multiplier Effect).

  • Availability of statistical data and probabilistic analysis to achieve a Robust Design.
  • Improved Communication and Wider Accessibility

Once developed, it is available to all Engineers, Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing and even ... customers.

  • Promotes Concurrent Engineering.
  • Knowledge Growth & Preservation

Focused effect leads to the growth of knowledge and capabilities.

  • Enterprise knowledge is preserved ... not lost with time.
  • Enhance Enterprise Efficiency (E3)

Increased standardization and design methodology.

  • Strategic differentiation tool in the marketplace.
  • Competitive advantage leading to increased sales.
  • Do more (Business) with less (Resources)!
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