This software was developed to design and engineer a high performance, multi-coil solenoid valve of either normally-closed or -open type. A design can have a single or multiple plungers. This IPE has been in production use supporting a multi-million dollar product line since 2005. ANSYS Electro-magnetic module automation is integrated with this IPE software to automatically generate the ‘Force vs. Stroke’ curve for a given design under a certain operating conditions. Additionally, at any given gap, the flux line plot can be automatically generated to examine saturation regions, if any. Such regions, detrimental to the force characteristics, can then be partially or fully eliminated thru’ appropriate design changes. This software again acts as a market differentiator, force multiplier as well as an ‘expert system’ which encapsulates the expertise of an advanced analyst in the field of electromagnetic FEA. Because of its user-friendliness, even an engineer trainee can readily use it with the effectiveness of an analyst engineer experienced in the field.

A configurator module has been developed that can mix and match standard and non-standard parts to fabricate an engineered valve which yields optimum performance for a given application.

Using the MAXWELL & SIMPLORER modules of the ANSYS, a transient magnetic FEA model coupled with the drive circuit analysis and plunger dynamics is being built to predict and optimize the response time, an important, if not the most, characteristic. Multi-objective optimization techniques such as Genetic Algorithm and statistical design of experiments are conducted to achieve an optimized but robust design which is relatively immune to various noises (e.g. tolerances, environmental variations etc.). Six-Sigma analysis is also being performed to identify and tighten those critical tolerances, typically a few, that contribute to the maximum performance variations so that a six-sigma design may be achieved. 

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