This Integrated Product Engineering (IPE) software was developed to design & engineer high temperature static metallic seals for aero-engine and power gen gas turbine. This has been supporting a product line with tens of million dollar annual revenues in one division of a Fortune 100 company since 2001. Several cross-sectional families with each family having many different sizes can be easily handled by the software. Any selected standard cross-section size can be further adjusted to obtain an optimized but non-standard design to match a given application. Thru’ automation, ANSYS©, a commercial FEA software, is seamlessly integrated with the IPE software to perform advanced elasto-plastic & fatigue analyses of a given seal design and performance report & graphs are automatically generated. This latter operation can be performed in front of a customer by any trained sales personnel who may not have any knowledge of running ANSYS. Thus, the software does act as a market differentiator. Also, this software has compressed the cycle time by more than an order of magnitude (e.g. a typical design and report preparation which used to take a week now takes less than half a day) and reduced the error cycle time considerably. This software is acting as a force multiplier within the division. 

This software system programmatically interacts with ANSYS, AutoCAD & Office.  

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