Developed by AdvEnSoft, in conjunction with Dr. Brian Murphy of Rotating Machinery Analysis, Inc. (, CADRotor permits rapid, error-free capture of solid model geometry for subsequent analysis in XLRotor.

CADRotor is a convenient add-on that interfaces with popular 3D CAD packages such as SolidWorks, Inventor and the like. With minimul user input, the rotating assembly is identified, defined and processed. The corresponding brochure may be downloaded.


What is CADRotor? 

CADRotor takes your SOLIDWORKS and INVENTOR models and extracts key data for each component in a complex rotor assembly. This includes the component locations on the primary shaft, dimensions, moments of inertia, moduli, density and material type. 

CADRotor prepares and reformats this data, which is then automatically loaded into XLRotor or XLTRC2for subsequent rotor dynamic analysis. The entire process is fast and precise, so that you can save many valuable hours with each rotor design. CADRotor is so convenient; it encourages you to iterate designs to achieve optimum results.


Dr. Murphy has given this endorsement: 

“I can wholeheartedly recommend CADRotor to XLRotor users. It is a powerful upgrade that interfaces smoothly between SOLIDWORKS / INVENTOR and XLRotor. From my own experience, I know it will save a great deal of time.

 During the CADRotor development phase, I worked closely with AdvEnSoft’s President Dr. Prit Basu and can tell you he has a terrific team in the US and India. They are smart, fast and service-oriented. And AdvEnSoft’s generous 30 day trial policy makes it real easy for XLRotor users to try out the product.”


What’s New?

 Now at version 4.0, CADRotor offers a proven, matured solution, but with greatly enhanced functionality, while still retaining the convenient look and feel of earlier releases.


Now available with SOLIDWORKS and INVENTOR front-end interfaces and XLROTOR and XLTRC2 back-end interfaces

  1.  Turbine / Fan Stage and Impeller ‘Wizards’
  2.  Handling non-axisymmetric features e.g. square shaft, circular patterns etc.
  3.  Handling of complex models with automatic ‘slicing’ to generate sections, with associated mass and section properties. This advanced feature may be used to create equivalent beams for complex non-axisymmetric segments.
  4.  Geometry comparison / simplification / error-proofing with a graphical overlay of CADRotor interpreted geometry on top of the SOLIDWORKS or INVENTOR drawing of a component


Onboarding Assistance

 You may request a free 30 day trial copy for evaluation. This is a fully functional copy, including full support, at no charge. You may convert this at any time to a full paid up copy. (Alternatively should you not be delighted, no further action is required. CADRotor will automatically expire at the end of the trial period.)






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