Diamond EDM 

This software module generates the EDM paths on a tightly nested part pattern. Typically, the EDM process is typically used on diamond wafer because of its relatively high hardness. This is a slow process compared to the laser cutting which is used on relatively less hard materials. In addition, the EDM path pattern is much more complex than that of the laser as the latter can be turned on or off depending on whether a part is being cut or not, whereas EDM wire path sequence must be carefully determined so that it should not collide with any subsequent part zones while moving from one end to the other. Such sequence is created using fairly complex algorithm.

Furthermore, industrial diamond being an expensive material, more efficient nesting is necessary to reduce wastage. There are common boundaries among neighboring parts. Given wafer geometry (e.g. circular with a straight edge at one end for clamping, rectangular etc.) of a certain size, an optimized nesting pattern is created by using Optimation‘s advanced nesting software. Then this subject module takes over, creates an optimized path sequence alternating from one end to the other (e.g. left to right & right to left, top to bottom & bottom to top and the like) and finally, writes the G-code for the EDM machine.   

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